KnotsbyWonelove was born through a process of healing, so this brand/concept really birthed itself. This is a direct product of the love that Iā€™ve intentionally given to myself & can happily share with you all! To create, for me is toĀ produce, to processĀ and then igniteĀ the flame thatĀ literally bringsĀ an idea, a thought to life. Ā AndĀ to do this with your hands, makes it such aĀ magical and powerful experienceĀ for me. Power towards nurturing of all things.
So to be able to commit to sharing my literal love language with you all, I felt was genius! So why not extend my love to as far as it can possibly reach ? Ready for the ride?Ā 
The MissionĀ 

KnotsbyWonelove embraces curves through textural expressiveness and we do this right to the core! Ā Sourcing theĀ best quality yarn is priority for KBW, another priority isĀ ensuring that allĀ designsĀ bring comfort while maintaining and boosting our feminine energies. Designs intended to spark confidence and femme fatale but also honour the tenderness within all of us soft, beautiful and powerful women.


Made in Ontario, Canada
All garments are handmade in Ontario, Canada. This ensures high quality by giving us a greater control of the production process.
Wishing you love and light forevaa šŸƒāœØ
Ā Wonelove šŸ’‹Ā